Workplace Experience Lead, Benelux + ClusterKey Roles and Responsibilities:Delivering Operational Excellence:Coordinate Multiple Workplaces:Act as the primary point of escalation for local workplace teams and supplier management across multiple workplaces.Oversee all aspects of facilities services, from lease agreements to office access, ensuring operational excellence and alignment with firm requirements.Financial Management and Budget Oversight:Monitor workplace budget spend and provide updates to the Workplace Experience Lead, Market Cluster.Evaluate and improve the firm's use of space and assets, aligning with vision and objectives.Facility Adaptation and Compliance:Adapt facilities and services to meet access requirements and recommend improvements.Implement policies and procedures to meet (local) legislative, statutory, and regulatory requirements.Security and Safety Oversight:Liaise with global and local security and health & safety representatives to ensure on-site employee safety.Act as a lead on business continuity procedures, ensuring workplace safety. Event Management and Logistics:Manage the set-up and closure of events spaces for workplace events.Provide logistical support for events, including catering and refreshments. Managing an Exceptional Team:Operational Excellence Oversight:Manage day-to-day operations, including design, settings, and services, aligned with the new strategy.Oversee a team of insourced and outsourced workplace professionals, covering office management, project management, health & safety, and workplace sustainability. Talent Management and Development:Assure a solid talent pipeline, fostering a culture of development and work-life balance.Build, train, and retain an exceptional team of Workplace Experience professionals through clear OKRs and development plans. Strategic Implementation and Policy Adherence:Ensure the market cluster's voice is reflected in the workplace experience vision and strategy.Apply global workplace experience strategies and policies, conveying them to local business leadership effectively. Financial Oversight and Real Estate Management:Set and manage the WPE budget in the market cluster, tracking spend and contributing to local synergy targets.Track renewal dates on local real estate leases, ensuring timely decisions in partnership with the WPE Strategy & Policy Lead. Engagement and Collaboration:Actively participate in the Workplace Experience leadership team forums, sharing knowledge and best practices.Identify and deliver opportunities for continuous improvement in the Workplace Experience function.Collaborate with WPE Leads for other markets, ensuring alignment and coordination across functions.Support WPE Programmes Lead and Strategy and Policy Lead in integration-related programs and initiativesEmployee Engagement and Local Initiatives:Annually budget for and set up multidisciplinary teams to deliver large employee engagement events.Proactively discuss business needs with local leadership to align the workplace real estate portfolio with business requirements.